Welcome to Bayside Sports Fantasy game! This is your chance to lead your very own team to glory and a place on our Hall of Fame leaderboard.

Before you start in we suggest you have a read to familiarize yourselves with the game workings.

The Aim of the Game

Fantasy Cricket gives you the chance to put your management skills to the test. The aim of the game is to assemble and manage a team of cricketers from different teams and score as many points as possible. Cricketers score points based on their actual performances and the manager with the most points at the end of the game will be declared the winner.


Before you can create a team, you must register for a free Bayside Sports Fantasy League account.


First time logged in user needs to create his profile with basic details and choose a Team Name and Avatar for the fantasy league.

Choosing a game

Choose from the different tournaments to join.


There are two type of gameplay for each tournament.

  • Super league
  • Head to Head

Super League

Each user is restricted to one team per competition for each account. However you can enter as many different competitions, private leagues as you would like or are actively running at the time.

Stay within your rating cap to select your ultimate 25 players team and score points based on the actual, real stats of your players throughout the tournament.

  1. Pick your squad of 25 players for the super league from 200 credit points.
  2. Each team of 25 players should have range of minimum and maximum players:
    • Wicketkeepers: minimum 2 – maximum 4
    • Batsmen: minimum 5 – maximum 10
    • All rounders: minimum 5 – maximum 10
    • Bowlers: minimum 5 – maximum 10
  3. Each team can have maximum 4 players of a particular team.

Head to Head

  1. One Vs One (Individual) is played by using your cricket knowledge and skill to create your Playing XII squad within a maximum budget of 100 credits.
  2. In fixtures, click on individual matches and create your team for that particular match.
  3. Each team of 12 players should have range of minimum and maximum players:
    • Wicketkeepers: minimum 1 – maximum 1
    • Batsmen: minimum 2 – maximum 6
    • All rounders: minimum 1 – maximum 5
    • Bowlers: minimum 2 – maximum 6
  4. Select an ACE player from the 12 players to earn 2x points.
  5. Create Multiple teams a play one on one with your buddies.

Ace Player

When you create a team you will be asked to select an ACE PLAYER for your team. Your selected ace player will score double points for you (remember that's double losing points also). So unlike in actual cricket you are selecting your ACE player on gut feeling that they will score big points for you rather than real leadership skills.

Your team earns points as per how the players chosen by you perform in the real-life matches. So strategize wisely and brush up on your cricket knowledge to be in a better position to win!

Points Summary

To view the scoring systems for the game please visit the Points Summary page. Please note that players do not score any points for making the starting eleven.

Modifying Your Team

Unlimited modification can be made prior to a competition starting. Once a competition is underway, you are not allowed to make modifications.

Matches are disabled at the original scheduled start time, and delays of any kind are not taken into account.


You can view all the standings of the current, archived and user leagues under the Leaderboards link. Simply select the competition that you wish to view from the relevant drop down menu and the chosen league will load on the page.

You can also view a summary of all current competitions from within your logged in area and a detailed view of all your archived teams and leagues.

If your still having trouble understanding the way the game works or just have a question you need answering then feel free to check the FAQ page, or ask for assistance through email.